Friday, November 14, 2008

Starting our Blog

I have been blog-hopping for several weeks now to see if I wanted to jump into this crazy world. I love the fact that it is an easy way to share stories and pictures with friends and family that we don't get to see often. I also love that I can write about the special moments that happen around our house every day. So, here we go. . .

Willy and I will celebrate our eight year anniversary at the end of December. Eight years have flown by and I wouldn't want to be on this ride with anyone else. It is amazing to see Willy as a father. He is the fun parent-the one who throws them in the air and lets them eat potato chips for supper. He is definately Jerry and Callie's hero. They are lucky to have a Daddy like him. Willly loves working in the natural gas field and never stops. He is on call 24/7. When he is not fixing a compressor, he is usually at the fire station. He serves our small community as the fire chief and enoys doing so.

I taught third grade for several years and quit to have Callie last August. Although, I miss my kids at school, I love staying at home with the kids and am trying to enjoy every moment. I know this precious time will fly by way too fast. I am so thankful for the chance to be with my children every day.

Jerry Bradford is a fun four year old, who loves to play outside and ask tons (and I do mean tons) of questions. He is smart and his insights often amaze me. I often think, "Out of the mouths of babes . . ." He loves to follow his Daddy around-kind of like a puppy. He is a great big brother and loves teaching Callie new things. Jerry is currently learning to ride his bike without training wheels.

Callie Anne will turn 15 months old on the 15th. She is a sweetheart and is a complete "mommy's girl." Her temper can match her red hair, but she is easy going most of the time. She loves to climb on anything and everything-her favorite is the dining room table and Jerry's ladder up to the top bunk. She has been such a sweet addition to our family.

Now that you are caught up with us-stay tuned for more updates



Chris & Amanda said...

I found you!!!!

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I love your blog and I love you!!!!